The mere visit of our website does not imply that you are providing us with any personal data and you are not obliged to do so.
However, we must inform you that, in order to function correctly and offer you a better service, MESSAGE BITE S.L., hereinafter referred to as TADOO, uses or activates different cookies.
1. What is a cookie?
2. What types of cookies are there?
3. What cookies does the TADOO website collect?
4. Can I set my browser to prevent the installation of cookies?
5. About links to other websites

1. What is a cookie?
A cookie is a string of characters that is stored on your hard drive or in the temporary memory of your computer when you access the pages of certain websites.

2. What types of cookies are there?
There are different types of cookies, depending on the service they provide.
Depending on the purpose for which the data obtained through cookies are processed, we can distinguish between:
● Technical cookies: these are those that allow the user to browse through a website, platform or application and use the different options or services that exist on it, including those that the editor uses to allow the management and
operational management and operation of the website and to enable its functions and services, such as, for example, controlling traffic and data communication, identifying the session, accessing parts of restricted access, remembering the elements that make up an order, carrying out the purchase process of an order, managing the payment of an order, managing the payment of an order and so on.
order, manage the payment, control fraud linked to the security of the service, make the application for registration or participation in an event, count visits for the purpose of billing licenses of the software with which the service works (website, platform or application), use elements of the service (website, platform or application),
platform or application), use security elements during browsing, store content for the broadcasting of videos or sound, enable dynamic content (for example, text or image loading animation) or share content through social networks.
● Preference or personalisation cookies: these are cookies that allow information to be remembered so that the user can access the service with certain characteristics that may differentiate their experience from that of other users, such as, for example, the language, the number of results to be displayed when the user performs a search, the appearance or content of the service depending on the type of browser through which the user accesses the service or the region from which they access the service, etc.
These preference cookies that affect the user interface do not necessarily have to be session cookies, as asking the user to set their preferences for this purpose every time they visit a website or access an application can be annoying and can cause user fatigue. However, in order for these cookies to be considered as exempt, their use should be limited to what is necessary for their purpose, and the information that can be derived from the user’s selection should not be used for other purposes (e.g. for personalisation of advertising content) or for user profiling.
● Analysis or measurement cookies: these are cookies that allow the party responsible for them to monitor and analyse the behaviour of users of the websites to which they are linked, including the quantification of the impact of advertisements. The information collected through this type of cookies is used to measure the activity of the websites, application or platform, in order to make improvements based on the analysis of the data on the use made by users of the service.
● Behavioural advertising cookies: these are cookies that store information on the behaviour of users obtained through the continuous observation of their browsing habits, which allows a specific profile to be developed in order to show
advertising based on the same.
In any case, it should be borne in mind that these typologies are offered as a guideline as they are the most common. Publishers and third parties may make the categorisations they consider to be best suited to the purposes of the cookies they use, in such a way as to respect the principle of transparency vis-à-vis users.

3. What cookies does our website collect?
The user accepts the use of cookies and IP tracking. Our website traffic analyser uses cookies and IP tracking that allow us to collect data for statistical purposes such as: date of first visit, number of times visited, date of last visit, URL and domain from which it came, browser used and screen resolution.
Below is a list of the cookies generated by, so that you can check that we only use the cookies necessary to provide the service, and the level of intrusion is the minimum possible. In addition to the cookies generated by, there may be third-party cookies generated by the browser itself, operating system, traffic tracking tools, etc.
In any case, these cookies are NOT INTRUSIVE but we cannot specify all of them as it depends on the operating system or browser from which the user accesses the web.
We will duly inform you, expressly requesting that you accept their use during your browsing.


4. Can I configure my browser to prevent the installation of cookies?
Yes, you have the option of configuring your browser to be notified on screen of the reception of cookies and to prevent the installation of cookies on your hard drive, although we do not recommend this as it is possible that you may lose some of its functionalities, you may not be able to access different parts of the website or take advantage of some of our services, and because, broadly speaking, one of the advantages is the convenience of not having to enter your data every time you visit our website.
to different parts of the web or take advantage of some of our services, and because, broadly speaking, one of the advantages is the convenience of not having to include your data every time you enter your profile on our website.
The way in which you should configure it will depend on the characteristics of your browser. You can restrict, block or delete cookies from any web page, through your browser, the instructions for each are as follows:

For more information on Google Chrome click here.
For more information about Firefox click here.
For more information about Internet Explorer click here.
For more information about Opera click here.
For more information on Safari click here.
In the case of cookies activated by the Google Analytics tool, we provide you with information on these cookies from the developer’s own website:

In the case of cookies from external social networks that are used so that visitors can interact with the content of different social platforms and that are generated only for users of these social networks, the conditions of use of these cookies and the information collected are regulated by the privacy policy of the corresponding social platform.
● Facebook More information
LinkedIn More information

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